4 Warning Signs That You May Need Orthodontic Braces

4 Warning Signs That You May Need Orthodontic Braces

Are you wondering whether you need orthodontic treatment or not? Generally, people experience orthodontic issues once adult or permanent teeth start to develop, so it’s vital to resolve these dental problems as early as possible. Typically, a dentist can immediately assess, even at a young age, if a child with baby teeth will need braces or not. You might also start wearing braces even if you’re an adult, especially when visibly crooked teeth might begin to risk your overall dental health.

Of course, when it comes to any medical concern, the best thing to do is to always consult a licensed professional and go through early treatment. You can watch out for specific signs to identify whether orthodontic braces could be the solution to your dental problem.

Gaps in the Teeth

One of the most critical warning signs you might need braces is having excessive gaps between your teeth. Too much space in-between your teeth puts your oral health at risk for the following problems: tooth decay, jaw misalignment, and even experiencing difficulty chewing. These spaces could trap food debris and cause gum recession, gum disease, and constant pain. Wearing braces can help reduce these gaps and prevent potential oral health problems.

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Painful Biting or Difficulty Biting

Another warning sign you might need braces is if you’re experiencing difficulty chewing food or painful biting. Try to observe how it feels when you eat hard-to-chew foods like nuts or apples. If you’re continually biting the side of your tongue or cheek when you eat, that could also be a warning sign that you need orthodontic braces since the misalignment of your teeth might be the cause of your abnormal bite or why you are experiencing difficulty or pain while eating. Once you’ve undergone proper orthodontic care, eating will be much easier.

Protruding Teeth

If you have protruding or crooked teeth that tend to stick beyond your lips even when you try to close them, that’s another sign you will need braces to put your teeth back to proper alignment. Other than its potential effect on your self-esteem, protruding teeth can also pose a high risk to your overall health and cause a dental injury. If your lips are not adequately protecting your teeth, either due to an open bite or misaligned bottom teeth and front teeth, an accidental fall could easily knock out your teeth and cause irreparable damage, especially if left untreated. By wearing orthodontic braces, your qualified orthodontist can realign your teeth and help you prevent dental injury.

Jaw Pain

If you are experiencing jaw pain or clicking and creaking, tooth misalignment or a disproportionate jaw size could be causing these oral health problems. Often, it’s easy enough to dismiss the occasional jaw pain. Still, these simple signs could lead to more significant issues, so you must consult your qualified orthodontist or dentist immediately. Through orthodontic care, correcting your bite and straightening out your teeth can significantly lessen the pain in your jaw. Another critical thing to note for oral health is that jaw pain could signify an even more pressing dental concern. This needs to be resolved immediately.

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Find the best orthodontic braces to achieve that winning smile

Various kinds of orthodontic braces could help your orthodontic problems. Each brace type has its advantages and disadvantages; only a professional can help you identify which will work best for your dental problem. It’s essential to conduct your initial research and prepare the necessary preliminary questions to make it easier for your orthodontist to discuss all possible options. Of course, it’s always best to consult your qualified orthodontist before they can assess if you are someone who needs braces or not.

Are you looking for an orthodontist you can trust to help you with your dental health, especially in terms of getting braces? Partner with an orthodontist who is not only a licensed dental professional but also someone who ensures your overall dental health is well taken care of. Whether you’re an adult or have a child needing braces, we can provide options to help you achieve beautifully straight teeth.

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