Orthodontic Braces in Mosman NSW

A Range of Braces Suited to Your Alignment Needs

Whilst orthodontic braces are excellent at straightening teeth, traditionally they have been an awkward, uncomfortable process. But with the development of several new techniques, we’re pleased to offer you a range of options that are much simpler and more comfortable.

Patients at Mosman Fine Dental have a range of orthodontic treatment options available to them. These include: 

  • Invisalign – We’re also proud to offer lifestyle-friendly aligners that offer the same results without the need for wires and brackets.
  • Ceramic and Metal Braces (Damon Q2 and Damon Clear 2™) – The Damon passive self ligating orthodontic system produces beautiful smiles with advanced technologies to help decrease overall treatment time. Ceramic braces are a great way to reduce the visible appearance of braces on your teeth and are highly popular with adult orthodontics. 
  • Insignia Braces™ – These ultimate bespoke braces use digital CAD-CAM technology to design your smile and bite.  Every bracket is custom made and robotic technology is used to prebend your wires giving you that added level of accuracy and speed to complete your treatments better and sooner!.
  • Alias™ – Lingual braces that attach to the inside surface of your teeth. They are invisible to others but still provide you with effective teeth straightening. 
  • STb Social 6™ – Lingual braces that straighten the front 6 most visible teeth only, at a fraction of the cost of a full case. 

Whether for adults or children, our range of orthodontic braces can provide you with beautifully straight teeth without the discomfort and awkwardness they are usually associated with. 

To find the best option for you, contact us to get booked in for an initial assessment with one of our friendly dentists in Mosman NSW.

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