Cosmetic Gum Lifts

Get more Symmetrical Gums for an Improved Smile with Our Cosmetic Gum Lifts

The way your gums sit around your teeth can have a significant impact on the appearance of your smile. A cosmetic gum lift is a procedure that we offer to help your gums look more symmetrical and well proportioned. It involves the reshaping of your gums with laser precision. This is a mostly quick procedure that is usually uncomfortable with minimal recovery time.

Our cosmetic dentists often perform a cosmetic gum lift as part of a smile rejuvenation. But it can be done as a stand-alone treatment too. Depending on what other treatments you are having done, the process and aftercare might vary from case to case. But generally, cosmetic gum lifts take place over one appointment and you’re able to eat and drink within 24 hours of the treatment. 

To see how a cosmetic gum lift could improve the way you feel about your smile, contact us for more information.

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