Sports Mouthguards & Bite Splints in Mosman, NSW

Protect Your Teeth with Our Custom Mouthguards & Bite Splints

Do you or your child play contact sports? If so, protection with a mouthguard is an important investment. At our practice, we provide custom made protective mouth guards for all levels of child and adult sports.

Sport Mouthguards

Wearing a sports mouthguard is a good idea for anyone who participates in contact sports or action packed leisure activities.

Our sports mouthguards are custom-fitted to perfectly fit your mouth. Injuries from sport can be more complicated than a chipped tooth. Wearing an appropriate guard can reduce the risk of serious jaw fractures and inhaling tooth fragments that can occur at the moment of injury.

Our dentists recommend a custom-fitted sports mouthguard over a store-bought mouthguard. The level of protection that a store-bought mouthguard provides your teeth is far inferior to that of a custom-fitted mouthguard. 

Bite Splints

Are you experiencing ongoing headaches, a clicking jaw or facial pain? This might be due to you grinding or clenching your teeth. People tend to grind and clench their teeth whilst sleeping. This is often increased by stress, anxiety or poor sleep quality.

Our teeth and jaws are not designed to withstand the force of continual grinding and clenching. You can cause significant damage to your teeth by doing so. This damage can occur in the form of cracking, chipping or excessive wear. Have you invested in major dental work like veneers? If so, it’s a good idea to protect your teeth to avoid undoing your costly restorative treatment!

Our dentists custom design your bite splint (occlusal splint) using sophisticated intraoral digital scanning  to design either an upper or lower splint. It can be worn comfortably whilst you sleep, preventing further damage.

The Process 

Whilst sports mouthguards and bite splints differ, the process for them is much the same. They generally need 2 appointments. 

● For sports mouthguards, your dentist takes a mould of your upper and lower teeth, and a bite record.
● For bite splints, your dentist begins by creating digital scans or impressions of your upper and lower teeth. They do this using a special 3D optical scanner which can accurately capture your teeth, jaws and bite. 
● These scans are then emailed to the dental lab where the appliances are manufactured. The turnaround time for this is usually around 7-10 days. 
● Once your custom mouthguard/bite splint arrives back, you’ll have a follow-up appointment. During this appointment, your dentist will check the fit and make any necessary minor adjustments. 

To book an appointment for the custom-fitting of your sports mouthguard or bite splint, contact our friendly team today! 

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