Dento-Facial Aesthetics

Dento-facial aesthetics is an area of dentistry that meets modern cosmetic medicine. This unique area of dentistry considers the appearance of your face beyond the beauty of your straight white teeth, but rather how it works with your face to give you that confident appearance you wish to show the world. 

The ageing process is often very obvious around our mouth, eyes and forehead. The most common signs being wrinkles, volume loss and sagging of these tissues. By virtue of our inherent training, dentists are uniquely placed to understand the face better than many other health professionals. Which is why we see dento-facial aesthetics as a logical extension of traditional cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr Aden Tran has a passion for and has been involved with dento-facial treatments for many years. His goal is to help create natural looking results through rejuvenation rather than transformation. This means that the aim is to give you a fresher relaxed look rather than making you look like someone you are not.

Through advanced technology like the Vectra 3D camera, detailed facial assessments and in depth consultation, Dr Aden Tran will be able to determine what treatments may be appropriate to help deal with your problematic areas of the face.  Through discrete use of anti-wrinkle injections and strategic facial fillers, your best facial features can be restored giving you the look you want.

Mosman Fine Dental has access to industry leading cosmetic medicine products, and we also work with top plastic surgeons and dermatologists to holistically help you achieve your cosmetic goals.   

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