Gum Health Therapy

Prevent & Control Gum Disease with Our Gum Care Solutions

Taking care of your teeth needs to include looking after your gums. Your gums are the structures that surround your teeth and play a large role in your overall oral health. The build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth can lead to gum disease. This can result in discomfort, loose teeth and, in severe cases, tooth loss. 

Our experienced dentists monitor our patients’ dental health, looking out for telltale early signs of gum disease. At Mosman Fine Dental, we can offer you a range of advanced periodontal therapies. We aim to restore your supporting tissues (gums and bone) to good health.

The periodontal therapies we offer include both surgical and non-surgical methods:

Scaling & Root Planing 

A good way to think of this treatment is as a deep clean for your teeth and gums. At Mosman Fine Dental, we believe this form of periodontal therapy is the best starting point in controlling gum disease. 

In this treatment, we carefully diagnose your condition first. We do this by obtaining baseline records via a periodontal chart, creating a detailed plan of action for the coming months, obtaining your consent to manage your condition and schedule review appointments to track your progress and successes. 

The treatment itself involves removing plaque, tartar and other toxic bacteria from the root surfaces and beneath the gum line. We do this with special equipment including ultrasonic instruments and hand scaling. 

It’s usually quick and comfortable, and in most cases, the only treatment you will need to give your oral health a boost. Scaling and root planing is best followed up with regular check-ups so we can ensure your dental health is maintained.

Are you in need of a deep clean for your teeth and gums? Book your scaling and root planing appointment with one of our gentle dental hygienists today. 

Gum Grafting

Sometimes patients can suffer severe gum recession, which causes them severe tooth sensitivity, root surface decay and unattractive smiles.  One way to help is grafting the receded gums back using gum transfers or grafting with donor tissue.

The procedure is not as hard as you may think and the results are natural and stable in the right cases. It is a very important tool in the management of gum disease and doesn’t over-rely on using fillings to cover the receded root surfaces, which no matter how good would need replacing at some point in time.

Call one of our talented dental surgeons to discuss further.

Crown Lengthening Surgery

We make use of this periodontal therapy technique when needed for a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure to be able to take place. 

Your dentist may suggest crown lengthening surgery should you have a tooth that is decayed or damaged below the gum line. Other cases can include not having enough tooth structure for a crown/bridge, or to reduce the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’.

As the name suggests, crown lengthening involves the adjusting of the level of your gum to expose more of your tooth. This periodontal procedure can be prescribed for one or several of your teeth, depending on your specific case. 

This is a simple procedure that can be done in a single appointment. 

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact our friendly front desk team. 

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