Smile Straighter with our Bespoke Orthodontic Treatments

Mosman Orthodontists

The team at Mosman Fine Dental can cater for many of your orthodontic needs. This field of dentistry focuses on correcting bite irregularities and spacing between teeth. There are many benefits to having straight teeth and an aligned bite. Besides having a beautiful straight smile, it plays a large role in your ability to eat, talk and maintain good oral hygiene.

When it comes to young ones, early management of orthodontic problems is key to long term success. We recommend your child has an orthodontic evaluation at around the age of 7 or 8. Our experienced dentists will routinely assess your child’s facial growth, ensuring their jaw develops optimally. 

Adults also make excellent orthodontic patients. It is never too late to consider orthodontic therapy, especially with the lifestyle-friendly treatment options we can offer you.

The practice of Orthodontics has come a long way. Long gone are the days of metal “train tracks”. We offer porcelain white brackets, lingual braces that attach to the inner tooth surface, and Invisalign™ clear retainers. Regardless of age, having your teeth straightened is no longer awkward and uncomfortable. 

 We have a great network and wonderful relationships with top specialist Orthodontists across Sydney and Australia, whom we refer more complex cases to.  Luckily our dentists have had decades of orthodontic training and experience for general dental practice, so we can help you with routine orthodontic needs closer to home.  

To discuss you or your child’s orthodontic treatment options with one of our expert dentists in Mosman, please contact us.

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