Cosmetic Bonding

Get an Instant Smile Makeover with Composite Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is one of the simplest and most affordable alternatives to porcelain veneers. It involves bonding tooth coloured composite resin to your natural tooth without permanently altering your tooth below.

This form of cosmetic dentistry can often be done in a single appointment. It can be the perfect solution for treating minor defects, gaps, cracks, chips, crooked teeth and discolouration.

With our wide range of cosmetic dentistry services available, it can be tricky to know which one is best for you. But, don’t worry – that’s what we are here for! 

Book an appointment at Mosman Fine Dental to discuss your treatment options and have all your questions answered. 

The Process

The process of cosmetic bonding is simple, yet effective. You need minimal appointments and time spent in the chair when rejuvenating your smile with this treatment option.

  • Your dentist will perform an oral assessment and discuss your smile goals with you. The colour of the composite resin used for your bonding is also chosen at this point, to match your natural teeth colour.
  • The next step involves your dentist etching the tooth/teeth that are having cosmetic bonding. This roughens the surface in preparation for the application of the resin. Once your tooth/teeth are primed, the putty-like resin gets applied before being shaped, hardened and polished. And just like that – you’re walking out with a new and improved smile! 


Treat your teeth that have had cosmetic bonding as you would your natural teeth to get the most life out of them. Practising good oral hygiene and having regular check-ups and professional cleans are great ways to ensure the longevity of your cosmetic dental work. Additionally, we recommend avoiding foods that stain and being cautious when chewing hard foods. 

Our friendly team at Mosman Fine Dental are more than happy to talk you through any queries you have about cosmetic bonding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more info or to get the ball rolling with enhancing your smile! 

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