Dental Fillings in Mosman NSW

Once tooth decay sets in, it does continuous damage to your tooth and becomes increasingly painful and widespread until treated. We use dental fillings to repair damage caused by decay and small chips. Fillings replace the part of your tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay.  Stopping the decay is critical in, preventing further tooth disease, which can lead to root canal treatment and tooth loss if left unchecked.

Thanks to ongoing advancements in restorative dentistry, the dental fillings we offer at our practice are white and blend beautifully in your mouth.

The Process

We know how precious your time is. So, getting a filling at Mosman Fine Dental is not a lengthy ordeal! Getting a filling is more comfortable these days than ever before, with our modern anaesthetics and the way we administer it.

Here’s what to expect when you come in for a dental filling:

●       Your dentist will begin by numbing your tooth and the surrounding area. 
●       They will then remove the decay aiming to preserve as much of your healthy natural tooth structure as possible.
●       They will clean and dry the cavity.
●       They will fill the cavity with a soft material that is bonded to the tooth and set when in place, all in minimal time, with the use of blue light.
●       Once set, your dentist will shape and polish the filling to blend in with the look and feel of your natural tooth.

 After Care

Unlike traditional fillings, the composite fillings we use will be completely set by the time you leave your appointment. Our dentists do recommend though, that you avoid eating and drinking until the anaesthesia has worn off. This can take approximately 1 to 2 hours.

To arrange to see one of our gentle dentists for a filling, please contact us so we can get you booked in as soon as possible.

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