Root Canal Therapy in Mosman, NSW

Gentle Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Teeth

The hollow chamber or pulp inside your teeth is made up of nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues. During childhood, whilst your teeth are in their vital stages of development, this pulp is needed. But, as we reach adulthood and our teeth are ‘fully grown’, the pulp begins to shrink.

If this pulp becomes contaminated with bacteria from dental decay, you can experience pain in and around that tooth. This is often a sign that you may need a root canal treatment to remove the perished pulp and seal the tooth to prevent further infection. Obvious large cavities or a tooth that begins to discolour are also indications of needing root canal treatment. 

Don’t ignore the symptoms of pulp infection. The nasty bacteria, if left untreated, can cause a dental abscess which can spread to the jaw and gums. A root canal treatment is a great, reliable method of saving a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. 

And there’s no need to be nervous about having a root canal done with us. Thanks to modern anaesthetics and our dentists’ method of administering it, root canal treatment at Mosman Fine Dental is as comfortable as possible. 

The Process

We normally start your root canal treatment by taking a special 3D Scan of the tooth.  Unlike traditional 2D images, our 3D scan maps out exactly the canal anatomy and helps us better diagnose and treat your tooth to give you the best chances of success. 

Occasionally, if your 3D scan shows that the case is so complicated that referral to a root canal specialist (Endodontist) is required, we will refer you to one of our trusted specialist colleagues to manage your case. 

The cost of your treatment is also dependent on the number of canals that need treating so this 3D scan also helps us quote you appropriately.

Our experienced dentists perform either a one-step or two-step root canal treatment, depending on your case. For very anxious patients this treatment can also be done under conscious IV sedation at our practice, to help take your worries away.

Part 1: 

● Your dentist will remove the infected/perished pulp and any areas of decayed tooth structure. They will clean and shape your canals using specialised tools. X-rays are taken at various stages of the treatment to check and accurately verify the canal lengths.  The cleaned and empty root canals are dressed with special medications to disinfect the canal space and promote bone healing at the tip of the tooth root. 

● After a few weeks waiting for the internal medications to do their job, at the second visit, your dentist will wash the medication out of the canals and seal it permanently with an antibacterial sealant to prevent bacteria reinfecting the canal system.  A permanent filling called a core gets placed into the access hole in the tooth and you can start using your tooth again like normal after this appointment.

Part 2: 

● One month after your root canal treatment has been completed, you will be scheduled for another appointment. Your dentist will place a permanent restoration or crown over the top of your tooth for strength and long term support.  This part of the procedure is just as important as the root canal treatment itself, as teeth that have not been sealed have a high chance of getting reinfected even after perfect root canal treatment has been done


It’s normal to experience mild discomfort straight after the treatment, but this should settle within a few days. In cases where the initial infection was more severe, our dentists can prescribe you appropriate antibiotics and painkillers to help with your recovery.

Don’t suffer in pain! If you’d like more information on how root canal therapy can help you, please get in touch with our friendly team to book an appointment.

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