Crowns & Bridges in Mosman, NSW

Quality Dental Care to Restore Your Smile

Crowns and bridges are dental treatments that help to restore smiles to their original glory. They involve protecting weakened teeth and missing teeth in any part of the mouth.

Whilst they have slightly different uses, both crowns and bridges are manufactured out of porcelain. In the case of them requiring extra strength, they are fused to metal. If you have a damaged, mis-shapen or discoloured tooth, a crown may be a good option for you. If missing teeth are creating gaps in your smile, you may be able to use a bridge to resolve this and get you smiling with confidence again. 

The longevity of your crown and/or bridge is influenced by the effectiveness and consistency of your oral health regime. Generally, they last for about 7 to 12 years. But with optimal dental hygiene and regular check-ups at our practice, you can get even longer life out of them! 

The Process

Here’s what to expect when you come in for a crown:

●       The process of getting a crown is typically carried out over two appointments.

●       In your first appointment, your dentist will begin by numbing your tooth and the surrounding area. They will then remove the decay/damaged areas of tooth structure and reinforce the foundation of the tooth for maximum strength.

●       Finally, an impression or digital scan of your tooth is taken for the fabrication of the permanent crown. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth to keep it protected and comfortable until the permanent crown is fitted a few weeks later.

●       In your next appointment, the crown is fitted and verified for a perfect fit. Your bite is also checked and adjusted, if need be, before the crown is cemented permanently into place.

Here’s what to expect when you come in for a bridge:

●       The process of getting a bridge is also typically carried out over two appointments.

●       In your first appointment, your dentist will begin by numbing your teeth. Then they will shape the teeth which will support the bridge.

●       They will then take impressions or scans of your shaped teeth as well as a colour or shade photograph. All of this then gets sent to our laboratory for your bridge construction. This provides the most accurate and natural-looking result.

●       In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary bridge or crowns.

●       In your next appointment, the permanent bridge is fitted. Your dentist will begin by numbing your teeth on either side of the gap, as well as the surrounding area.

●       The bridge will then be fitted and securely cemented into position.

 After Care

After having your crown or bridge fitted, the two most important things you can do to preserve them is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine and have regular dental check-ups.

Your dental hygiene regime should consist of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day in addition to eating appropriate foods. You can use floss to clean around your crown and a dental floss threader for cleaning those hard to reach places under your bridge.

If you’d like to discuss the option of a crown or bridge with one of our expert dentists, please contact our friendly front desk team for an appointment.

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