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As the benefits of cosmetic dental procedures become more popular more dentists are offering these services alongside traditional dental procedures. In Australia, the dental boards do not have a specialist category of “Cosmetic Dentist”. Consequently, dentists that may use one procedure can claim to offer complete expertise in cosmetic dentistry.  For best outcomes consumers should be careful with their choice of dentist for cosmetic procedures.

So before you commit to a dental practice that promises to rejuvenate your appearance here are some things to consider:

  • Training – look for a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental training – not just one procedure such as bonding. Practices that offer a narrow range of cosmetic procedures may not be able to offer you the procedure that is right for your individual situation.
  • Experience – ask to see ‘before and after’ photographs or case studies of previous patients.
  • Frequency of services – check whether the dentist performs cosmetic dentistry regularly or rarely as this can have a bearing on their effectiveness. Also check the focus of the practice – is it general dentistry or is there a good proportion of time dedicated to cosmetic procedures?
  • Professionalism – trust is an important component in any form of dentistry. Before committing to a cosmetic dentist it’s vital that you feel comfortable in their integrity and professionalism.
  • Latest technology – cosmetic dentistry is evolving fast so it’s important to find a practitioner who is willing to invest in the new technology but in terms of equipment and training.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach – does the practice have access to complimentary specialists that may be required as part of your treatment

Cosmetic dentistry can greatly enhance your appearance, but it pays to be careful with your choice.

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