Do’s and Don’ts Before My Pain-Free Dental Appointment at Mosman Fine Dental

Do's and Don'ts Before My Pain-Free Dental Appointment at Mosman Fine Dental

Are you someone who dreads it…… Going to the dentist.

No one’s excited about visiting the dentist, but here’s the truth: It is vitally necessary to protect your health. Regular, preventative care can be critical to protecting your teeth and stopping any problems before they become serious. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives. This type of dental care is possible if you find the right practitioner. 

However, if you need pain-free dentistry, you may be concerned. What should you do before visiting the dentist in these situations? Thankfully, there are ways you can prepare.

What Do You Do Before Going to the Dentist?

Know Your Purpose

Why are you seeking dental treatment, and what do you need done? Is this just a regular preventative visit, or do you need dental treatments for tooth pain or other dental problems? Do you need dental services for your wisdom teeth? Are your gums bleeding? Understand why you’re going before you go. It can make the services you receive much easier to understand.  

Prepare in Advance

Reading an article like this can be a great way to prepare! You can also call the office in question and find out what you need to do, if anything, and what paperwork you should bring. This will help you determine if you need something like laughing gas or nitrous oxide to get through a procedure. 

A visit can lead to dental anxiety if you’ve had a traumatic experience. Don’t worry: A good practitioner can help you understand what you need to do and help decide about possible sedation methods that may be necessary for treatment. 

Clean Your Mouth

Cleaning your mouth can help with pain-free dentistry, as it can ensure that your mouth is as clean as possible, thus limiting the amount of work your dentist will have to do. 

Brush and Floss

Maintaining oral health is all about everyday actions, like brushing and flossing at least twice daily. This can limit dental issues and your need for advanced dental technology — like laser treatments — to reduce problems. 

Sleep Well the Night Before

Multiple studies have found that sleeping well can reduce anxiety and fear. These principles apply to children and adults, so ensure you get a good night’s sleep! Sleep can also help you relax, and this can have a positive impact on anxiety. 

Prepare Your Information

Make sure you have all insurance and medical history information available. Doing so reduces questions and can get you in and out of the office faster. 

Arrive on Time

The last thing a patient wants to do when you go to the dentist is feel rushed — particularly if you already feel anxious! As such, get there early or on time. Punctuality helps ensure you have a comfortable dental experience. Remember, if you are a new patient, you may have to get to the dentist earlier. 

Get Ready to Share Your Medical History

Do you have allergies to certain drugs, like nitrous oxide? Have you ever been to a dentist’s office? Do you have a real fear of dentists? As a patient, you should share any issues with your health, including psychological problems that may cause you to need sedation. 

Be Completely Honest

Haven’t you been to the dentist in years? Don’t brush your teeth? Make sure to say something! The best way to get the pain-free dentistry you need is to be honest. Honestly allows you to get the best care when visiting pain-free dentistry.

Before Going to the Dentist, Don’t…

Whiten Your Teeth

Patients shouldn’t whiten their teeth before a visit. Doing so can potentially damage the teeth, causing patients to need more work.


Smoking is always bad but can be even worse when visiting a dental practice or before a procedure. Make sure to talk to the practice before visiting and find out how close to a visit you can smoke. 

Work Out

Patients should avoid working out before a dental visit. Doing so may accelerate your heart rate, increase anxiety, and potentially exacerbate tooth problems. 

Go If You’re Sick

Your dentist will see dozens of patients during a week. Therefore, if you or your children are sick, you risk infecting the dentist and thus other patients. As such, you should cancel your appointment if you are sick.

It may seem like you have to do a lot, but don’t worry: If you have any questions or concerns about what to do before visiting a pain-free dental clinic, you can always call the clinic ahead of time. If there are as dedicated to their customers as they should be, they’ll be able to answer any questions for you.

Are you ready to take the next step? 
Contact Mosman Fine Dental. We offer some of the best pain-free dental procedures in Australia and have served thousands of people — just like you — who are worried about getting their teeth examined. We are ready to help and serve you: Call today to set up an appointment.

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