How To Brighten Your Smile

A woman holding a teeth shade guide

A confident smile is your passport to life. If you are not happy with your smile it can affect your self-confidence considerably. When you are unhappy with the colour of teeth you may be more reluctant to smile and that can affect your personal and professional life.

Don’t suffer in silence. It’s important to consult your dentist if you have any concerns as there with several possible options to brighten your smile including whitening kits to professional in-clinic Zoom laser whitening treatments.

How does whitening work?

Whitening is a non-invasive safe procedure that lifts the stain from the pores of the tooth enamel. This allows your teeth to look whiter and brighter.

This can be done either in the practice or at home and can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades whiter.

The appointment at the practice usually lasts less than an hour.

Some people prefer to whiten their teeth at home. This involves the application of a whitening gel that is purchased on prescription. The gel is applied for approximately 15 minutes usually, two to three times.

In the past whitening products could cause teeth sensitivity. However, the sophisticated whitening products on the market today now have inbuilt desensitizers which avoid this problem.

After your whitening treatment you should take care to brush your teeth with the toothpaste that your dentist advises to ensure the results of the whitening treatment are maintained.

Speak to your dentist about how you can get a brighter smile – whiter teeth could be yours after a few simple treatments.

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