What to Expect at Your First Orthodontic Appointment?

What to expect at your first orthodontic appointment

Your first orthodontic appointment might seem intimidating, but there’s no reason to feel unsure or nervous. Before you go into your first appointment, there are things to know that can take the mystery and anxiety out of the process so you can relax and get the most out of your visit.

It helps to know what to expect at your first orthodontic appointment and how the process usually unfolds. This article addresses your concerns and can help you decide whether going for an orthodontic consultation is right for you.

When You Arrive at the Clinic

When you arrive for your initial appointment, you can expect a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Office staff members keep the area clean and organized. The office uses lights and bright colours to create a calm environment. An orthodontics office and its staff want you to feel welcome and relaxed so you can hear what the orthodontist and technicians say regarding your situation.

After you check in and provide the office staff with your name and appointment information, they request details about your private health insurance. The team also collects your personal details, health information, and emergency contacts. All of this information is necessary before your initial consultation and first orthodontic treatment. Your first orthodontic appointment is a getting-to-know-you session, which includes your medical history. These details help the team form a personalised treatment plan just for you.

Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation

During your first orthodontic consultation, the orthodontist reviews any referrals from a dentist regarding your teeth to get a complete picture and to begin forming your personalised treatment plan. This happens as the first step of the orthodontist appointment so the orthodontist can analyse your teeth as a whole. 

Depending on your age, your orthodontist will also examine any of your baby teeth and upper and lower teeth. It’s essential to get a thorough picture of a child’s teeth to establish the treatment options. However, orthodontic consultations are for all ages, even adults. The first consultation or first visit provides a chance for the staff to get x-rays, your facial profile, and to determine how long your treatment will last. It’s also a chance to discuss oral hygiene during the orthodontic treatment so you keep a beautiful and healthy smile.

After the initial assessment, the consultation covers what you can expect in terms of cost and payment plans. This is the time to discuss any concerns or issues with insurance or payments. 

Your Questions Answered

Q. Is orthodontic treatment only for children?

A. No. Many adults seek orthodontic treatments. Orthodontic work helps adults achieve a great smile and feel more confident in their appearance.

Q. Are braces the only orthodontic treatment available? 

A. No, other orthodontic treatment options are available for those with different concerns for their teeth. Sometimes correcting a smile involves additional adjustments.

Your Individual Treatment Plan

When you decide to move forward with an orthodontic treatment plan, you will have a treatment coordinator assigned to you. A treatment coordinator irons out details, sets appointments for various services along your orthodontic journey and keeps up with documentation and x-rays. Additionally, the treatment coordinator provides the orthodontist with all details related to their patients.

For most patients, an individual treatment plan usually involves wearing braces. Not all braces are metal braces, but an orthodontist determines if those types are ideal when covering the treatment process. Sometimes the orthodontist recommends clear aligners for certain patients.

Your First Treatment Appointment

After your orthodontic consultation, you will start treatment at the next appointment, which is the second visit. This appointment is the time when you get braces fitted, if necessary. Braces are a standard tool for providing patients with the best results for straightening and aligning teeth. If necessary, the orthodontist uses other means to correct existing issues to get the ideal result.

Follow-up Adjustment Appointments

Follow-up adjustments are usually quick. The orthodontist consults with the treatment coordinator and takes the appropriate actions. Usually, braces are fitted with new bands or wires to slowly move the teeth into place throughout treatment. For some individuals, the treatment process can be long if there are multiple issues to correct.

Removal of Your Braces

Getting your braces removed is quick and painless. You’ll feel the orthodontist apply pressure when they remove the brackets, but that feeling doesn’t last long. When it’s over, you will have a great smile and straight teeth. It takes roughly an hour for an orthodontist to remove braces.

How to Know if Orthodontics Is the Best Treatment Option

To find out if orthodontics is right for you, you’ll need to consult with a dentist. They can provide referrals if they feel a complete treatment is in order. If necessary, their office might schedule an appointment with a local provider to assess the situation.


You must first schedule an orthodontic consultation to find out if you need orthodontic treatment. You’ll likely have a referral from your dentist if they feel you need braces or other procedures to enhance your teeth. During your first visit, the office personnel collect your information, take care of paperwork and discuss costs.

The orthodontist carefully reviews your personal details, performs any necessary tests and examines your mouth. After they perform a complete review of your dental health, the orthodontist creates your individualized treatment plan. The next visit begins the process of addressing concerns to give you a great smile. To schedule a consultation for orthodontic services, reach out to Mosman Fine Dental today and let them create a smile you love.

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