What Are The Benefits of Wearing Mouthguards for Contact Sports?

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Mouthguards for Contact Sports

“No, I don’t want to put one in. They are annoying and get in the way.”

Ever had this thought about mouthguards? You certainly wouldn’t be the only person. Mouthguards can be annoying and can be one more thing to keep track of when you are trying to concentrate on football or rugby. 

However, here’s the truth — you need them. Study after study has found numerous benefits of mouthguards, as mouthguards can protect your teeth, gums, and mouth from a serious injury that may require dental work.

Want more information on the benefits of mouthguards and why you need one when you play a contact sport? Keep reading. By the end of this article, you’ll know how important it is to put a mouthguard on when playing a contact sport. 

Mouth Guards Can Protect Against Tooth Displacement

The numbers are astonishing — nearly 2/3 of Australian rugby players have some sort of orofacial injury, with a loss of a tooth being among the most common dental problems. Studies have shown that mouthguards can prevent these problems like displacement. 

Tooth displacement, in which a tooth is moved or bent, is among the more common injuries in a contact sport. A well-fitting mouthguard can wrap a tooth in protective material and absorb any accidental blow. Such a mouthguard makes suffering tooth displacement much less common. When a tooth displacement occurs, it is likely to be much less severe.

Mouth Guards Can Protect Against Tooth Fractures

A tooth fracture occurs when a tooth is cracked, chipped, or loses a portion due to a contact injury. This is a relatively common injury among whole contact sports, and it helps explain why so many Australian sports players, like rugby players, have cracked teeth. 

In many instances, wearing a mouthguard can prevent a fractured tooth. Remember, one of the chief benefits of mouthguards is that they absorb any contact. As such, wearing a mouthguard will prevent your tooth from being damaged. 

Mouth Guards Can Protect Against Knocked-Out Teeth

The nightmare scenario for any full-contact sports player is losing a tooth completely. Losing a tooth can result in severe long-term damage. If a tooth is knocked out, it will require immediate recovery and dental surgery. Such a procedure may not be possible if this happens in the middle of a game. In many instances, Australian athletes don’t even notice that they have damaged a tooth until much later. This can make the injury more challenging to repair. 

Here’s where the benefits of mouthguards can genuinely kick in. A mouthguard can prevent a knocked-out tooth by stopping the trauma related to tooth damage. By forming a layer of protection around your teeth and gums, it can negate the impact of any direct or indirect trauma to your mouth or teeth. This can keep your teeth where they belong — in your mouth!

Mouth Guards Can Protect Against Jaw Fractures

Think of a mouthguard as a shock absorber. When there is a direct hit or collision, the goal of the mouthguard is to take the impact that your bones, teeth, or gums would have otherwise absorbed. 

In many cases, jaw fractures result from your mouth or teeth knocking together. This concern is common in many sports when direct jaw collisions occur. Mouthguards can absorb the shock of a blow and prevent the upper and lower jaw from colliding due to some sort of tackle or hit. 

Mouth Guards Can Protect Against Soft Tissue Injuries

In addition to your jaw and teeth, countless other soft tissues in your face can be damaged when playing a full-contact sport. For example, think about how often you have seen a sports player bleeding from the mouth. One of the most common reasons this occurs is that a player accidentally bites the inside of their mouth or tongue.

The benefits of a mouthguard can genuinely protect you here. By covering your teeth, your teeth are less likely to cause injury. This preventive approach helps you avoid accidental damage. Furthermore, starting kids young on mouthguards can lead to healthy habits throughout a young athlete’s life. 

As you can see, the benefits of mouthguards are numerous. You need one when you play a sport, as they can cushion any serious blow, protect you from injury, and save you from a lifetime of pain and injury. 

Need help finding a good dentist to give you the custom-fit mouthguard you deserve? Or looking for help in repairing the damage that a sports injury caused? 

At Mosman Fine Dental, we’re here to help. 

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